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CREAPHARM serves Pharma and Biotechs, Food supplement & Probiotic Specialists Companies as well as the Cosmetic Industry. Our teams support all customer projects whatever the project size or maturity.


Listed here are the only references that CREAPHARM is allowed to share publicly. On request and after agreement of the related customer(s), our commercial team will be pleased to send you other customer references based on similarity to your business.



LFB (SME Pact)


HMNC Brain Health




Academic research & hospitals





Case studies

Find out how CREAPHARM solved the most complex business challenges,
working hand in hand with its partners aiming for co-success

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End-to-end Support

When specialists join forces to better serve HMNC Brain Health in its phase II clinical trial...

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Full-Service Packaging

Supporting the imaging industry leader for complex kit packaging...

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Unparalleled Support

Managing the set-up and clinical supply operations in the OTBB3 phase III clinical trial...

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Direct to Patient

Managing Direct To Patient
shipments in a decentralized clinical trial...


They support

team france

They support

Since 2012, BPI France has supported CREAPHARM’s growth on both organic and external sides.
CREAPHARM has been supported by Team France Export since 2016, especially in its international development. Team France Export consists of Business France, French Regions, the State services, Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and Bpifrance.

We collaborate with more than 300 partners

To meet the specific needs of its customers, CREAPHARM GROUP gives purchases very special attention. Our relationship with suppliers is built on a true partnership basis.
CREAPHARM implements a controlled purchasing policy to guarantee both customer satisfaction and compliance with our CSR charter.
We have chosen to work in long-term partnerships with a network of elite partners. We are supported by various reliable and qualified companies to offer tailor-made solutions to customers.
We ensure that each partner shares our values, especially those that applied to the customer relationship and the quality of service.

We are members

Les Excellence Bpifrance is the business network of French entrepreneurs for growth. Companies with thirst for freedom, which innovate and desire to be enterprising without limitation.
Polepharma is the 1st pharmaceutical cluster in Europe: the network of excellence and innovation in the health sector, Made In France.
France Biotech is an independent association that brings together entrepreneurs in health innovation and their expert partners.
MabDesign, the French biotherapy industry association, aims to structure the biopharmaceutical industry in France from its R&D phases to biomanufacturing and marketing.
AFCROs gathers 100 companies working for clinical research in France.
France Biolead represents the French biomanufacturing sector and aims to make France become the European leader in the biomanufacturing of innovative medicines.
Labeled competitive cluster since 2005, it has been mandated by the French State since 2014 to coordinate the national perfume and cosmetics sector
COSMED is today the leading representative network of VSEs- SMEs and ETIs in the cosmetics industry in France. 960 companies are members representing all professions in the cosmetics sector.
This brand supports the promotion of the Val d’Europe territory, where our site dedicated to biostorage is set-up since 2020.

We are sponsors

An ecological, tangible, sustainable and measurable action plan thus combining an environmental and social impact:
– afforestation and preservation of native forest
– measured positive impact on communities and service providers

Since 1990, the Flâneries musicales de Reims Festival highlights, through music, the heritage of Reims.


Myonex closes Creapharm acquisition expanding global services.