Serialization Tamper-Evident

Serialization + Tamper-evident

Investments made, implementation completed, qualifications finished: for several weeks, CREAPHARM INDUSTRY team has been managing the product serialization of their clients.

As part of the application of the EU’s Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD), starting on February 9th, 2019, all concerned medication will be serialized and equipped with a security seal (tamper evidence).

We’re ready. And you?

  • No - complexity and investment has brought you to make the choice of an externalized solution. Leave your batches in the hands of CREAPHARM INDUSTRY: serialization and tamper evident.
  • Yes – at least 1 line is equipped. But have you anticipated a backup? CREAPHARM INDUSTRY, specialist in both small and medium series, can take the reins whenever you have an overload, breakdown or specific issue.

Benefit from our know-how and the swift work of our teams

We’ve made the choice to keep adjustable and scalable equipment in order to serialize and seal all your packaging types.

3 weeks

That’s the average time for the treatment of your batch, specifications signature and shipment of your products, including:

Purchase of packaging articles

+ packaging operations

+ documentation (batch record)

Looking for a global solution? “Serialization & Release “

As soon as the end of packaging operations and/or serialization, our head pharmacist can assure the pharmaceutical release (QP release) of your products.

4 levels of serialization implemented and managed by CREAPHARM INDUSTRY

We can assist you from the serialization operations to the numbers shipment to your platform of transmission to EMVO

CREAPHARM INDUSTRY is a 25-year expert in Customized Manufacturing Operations. Packaging design, blistering & bottling, secondary packaging, serialization, repacking, batch release, storage & distribution are the value-added services provided to pharma & biotech companies. Thanks to its flexibility, CREAPHARM INDUSTRY handles, with no minimum batch size, drugs, food supplements, probiotics, MD and vet products