Global Standard Identification in clinical trials

On March 27th, in the 35th GS1 Conference in Amsterdam, the 3 chairs (Olivia Chauvel - Argenteuil Hospital, Hans Von Steiger - PFIZER, Pierre Fernandez-Barbereau - SANOFI) of the GS1 Clinical Trials work group have presented a universal barcode format for IPs identification. Based on the existing GS1 Healthcare standard, it was adapted to its use in the field of clinical trials. Proposed by the GS1 team to contributors in clinical trials all over the world, it looks like it:




CREAPHARM has actively participated to the GS1 Clinical Trials Mission-Specific Work Group, in charge of the development of this guideline. Read CREAPHARM’s Head of Innovations and Group Synergy Development & IT testimonial on this topic: