• Your customized partner for full-service solutions devoted to Pharmaceutical Biotech & Food Supplement companies

      • Blistering, filling, packing & repacking operations
      • Serialisation
      • Packaging conception & development
      • Innovative Industrial Solution Implementation
      • Batch Certification
      • Warehousing & Distribution (Pre-wholesaler status)
      • Regulatory & Licensing in (Marketing Authorisation Holder)
      • Customer service (Call-center)

    • Expert in tailor-made Packaging




    • Take benefit from creapharm industry global services offer

    Reducing your
    time-to-market & avoiding
    any supply shortage

  • your packing/repacking
    our daily task

    Trust us for
    your packaging needs

    even the most
    complex ones !

    1. During the latest phase of your clinical trials we anticipate your product packaging design & its industrialization
    2. We received the product ready to be packaged
    3. Our technicians configure our flexible industrial tool for a dedicated workshop
    4. Sourcing, packaging, QP release & logistics we take care of everything
    5. You go quickly to the market with your value-added product

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